Power to Data Reliability

MoU with Department of Statistics Malaysia brings real-world acumen to number crunching for students and researchers of Management & Science University

Mathematics is best used to solve real-world problems, and engaging the world beyond the realm of the numerical is the specialty of statistics. In a world of proliferating information, statistics is the critical tool providing the data organization and analysis backing informed decisions. Data reliability gets a boost of insider wisdom via a recent MoU between Management and Science University (MSU) and the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM).

Subjects of study at Management and Science University (MSU) fall into the general clusters of medical and health sciences, business and social sciences, and also engineering and technology. With a culture of endowment at its foundation, the University rated 5 Stars by the QS World Universities Rating System for Excellence in Teaching, Facilities, and Graduate Employability as well as Social Responsibility and Inclusiveness takes active interest in community engagement. Emergency preparedness and medical aid are just some of its reasons for statistics’ importance.

Statistical models provide a practical way to understanding social phenomena, uncovering patterns that raise estimations with the aid of reliable data. Life may be a box of chocolates, but statistics in your hand puts within grasp the power of knowing what you will eventually get.