MSU’s #FightAgainstDepression Makes Malaysia Book of Records

Action Against Depression Wins Management and Science University (MSU) its 31st Malaysia Record at the MSU World Health Day Celebration 2017

With at least 300 million people living with it, depression has been declared the leading cause of ill health worldwide. Treating the illness with the urgency it deserves, Management and Science University (MSU) mobilizes its Medical & Health Science Cluster for a #FightAgainstDepression, and marks a splendid 2017 celebration of World Health Day when it comes up making yet another Malaysia record – its 31st.

“The Largest Simultaneous Participation In A Health-Screening Session” was organized by the International Medical School (IMS), the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences (FHLS), and the School of Pharmacy (SPH), with co-operation by the International Medical School Students Association (IMSA). The MSU Malaysia Book of Records entry #31 counted 10,983 participations from among students and staff of the University, MSU College, and members of the public.

The screening comprised the health indicators of blood pressure, blood glucose, body-mass index, and stress level. Other activities included a cardiac night run and a continuous medical education chat with a consultant psychiatrist.

Depression not only affects sufferers’ ability to function normally but also poses consequences on their familial, social, and workplace circles. Left untreated, it may lead to greater harm. A better understanding of depression aims to convey the message that the illness is treatable and its consequential harm preventable, whilst removing its associated stigma should encourage a coming forward and seeking help.

Record-making is a norm at Management and University (MSU) and to have come as far as number 31 reflects a competitiveness, one inspired by impact. That an action may possess sufficient clout to make a difference is its motivation, driving MSU on in transforming lives and enriching futures whilst advancing excellence and leadership in MSUrians.