MSU students selected for ASEAN Young Women Leadership Program

Five women students of Management and Science University (MSU) sponsored by JASSO to attend regional leadership development program.

Five young women from Management and Science University (MSU) have been hand-picked to attend the ASEAN Young Women Leadership Program in Japan. Sponsored by Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), the aspiring leaders will be attending the one-year program in Josai International University (JIU). The five comprise Nadeera Amira Mawardy (Bachelor in Hospitality & Tourism Management) and Nor Faqihah Norizan (Bachelor in Culinary Arts) from the School of Hospitality & Creative Arts (SHCA), Ang Li Min and Ahda Sabila Eddy Yusuf (both Bachelor of Pharmacy) from the School of Pharmacy (SPH), and Nur Hafizah Ishak (Master in Management) from the Graduate School of Management (GSM).

Nur Hafizah aims to gain a new dimension and perspective to management and leadership, viewing the program as a valuable opportunity to build her leadership capability. Ahda Sabila looks forward to a deeper and more systematic understanding of management, and with it, an added value to her pharmacy degree. Nadeera Amira plans on developing the core values on which to build her leadership aspirations for the nation.

The Young Women Leadership Program aims to empower aspiring young female leaders with the capability to lead in this era of globalization. It seeks to transform young women into future decision-makers and leaders who contribute to organization and nation building. Participants are gathered from ASEAN nations including host country Japan.

Leadership is an ability whose cultivation ranks highly at Management and Science University (MSU). An entrepreneur ecosystem is in place to nurture the leader-innovator mindset within the University’s holistic-curriculum framework. Initiatives such as the Global Mobility Program (GMP) and the Global Leadership Program (GLP) take MSU students farther by adding a global perspective to their leadership development and ultimately a global marketability to their employability.