Driving Change, One Community At A Time

These Students are Building a Better World in the Spirit of Ramadan, and with the Giving and Grateful Culture of Management and Science University (MSU)

Ramadan is all about giving and being grateful, reflecting on the struggles of the less fortunate, and extending a helping hand. In the spirit of Ramadan, the Shah Alam and Bangalore campuses of Management and Science University (MSU) International Medical School (IMS) jointly organized the 2017 edition of their annual International GPS Ramadan. Sacrificing personal comfort, braving among others a boat ride and a 15-hour train journey, students of medicine and surgery and of medical sciences packed up their stethoscopes and crossed borders to help village folks in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, and Cambodia.

Having little to zero medical knowledge and low access to even basic medical facilities, most of the villagers had never done any medical check-ups prior to the students’ visit. The MSUrians facilitated health screenings while learning firsthand about community health challenges. They also shared their knowledge to instill awareness. Visits to the local hospitals broadened their perspectives as the students observed the daily operation and acquainted themselves with local health issues.

Bonding activities with the villagers were a lesson to the students about what they can do to nurture goodwill and ethics. Renovation of the village library, cleaning of the local mosque, and communal cooking with the villagers interspersed with educational, motivational, and health talks by the MSUrians, while Tadarus Al-Quran, Zakat distribution, and Iftar completed the Ramadan theme.