Student Research On Airline Customer Loyalty Wins Best Paper Award

Trio from Management and Science University (MSU) Beat International Contestants for Top Award at APacCHRIE’s 15th Hospitality and Tourism Conference

Three from Management and Science University (MSU) School of Hospitality and Creative Arts (SHCA) have made the University proud with their winning effort at a recent conference of the Asia Pacific Council on Hotel, Restaurants and Institutional Education (APacCHRIE). Presenting a case study of Malaysia Airlines in a research on “Factors Affecting Customer Loyalty Towards the Airline Industry”, the Bachelor in Hospitality and Tourism Management (Hons) students, MSUrians Deana Zafiera Ghazali, Nailah Norrizan, and Maisarah Amzah, beat participants from Australia, China, Indonesia, and Macau to win the APacCHRIE 2017 Best Paper award. APacCHRIE is the region’s leading association for hospitality and tourism education. Its 2017 conference highlighted the opportunities and challenges among youths in hospitality and tourism with a special focus on cultural heritage tourism.

Events such as international conferences place various aspects of industry opportunities and challenges within the dynamic and challenging global context, while providing multi-cultural interaction, discussion and exchanges of knowledge as well as ideas. Describing their participation as a memorable experience, Deana Zafiera added that it built their confidence and independence levels as well as improved their communication skills, and their knowledge of current issues in the hospitality and tourism industry increased.

Personal development is a key learning aim at Management and Science University (MSU). Enriching its students’ personal competencies is the University’s blend of global exposure and industrial training. Its mobility initiatives for student exchange, leadership development, and market immersion empower graduates of Management and Science University (MSU) with the well-roundedness employers seek. With 98.6% of its graduates successfully securing employment within six months of graduation, as traced by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, Management and Science University (MSU) tops the national graduate employability list.