Inside Learning, Industry Input

University Industry Advisory Panel (UIAP) gathered into session for continuous improvement to the curriculum of Management and Science University (MSU)

Training a highly skilled workforce in this age of technological leaps requires employers getting involved inside the delivery of instruction. Having industry represented in the curriculum directs focus into relevance that meets job-market needs. Management and Science University (MSU) called into session the semi-annual meeting with its University-Industry Advisory Panel (UIAP).

Represented by a host of companies across a broad range of industries, UIAP works closely with Management and Science University (MSU) in shaping and improving the University’s curriculum. The meeting helps Management and Science University (MSU) give good its due upgrade by identifying the most recent or update skillsets required across the industries.

Such a collaboration makes for meaningful university-industry partnership. Whilst bridging knowledge and skills gaps to the benefit of Management and Science University (MSU) future graduates, it maintains industry’s access to a talent source that will ensure their own future competitiveness. A great way to set the stage for even greater success.