QS Five Stars for MSU!

QS Ratings awards MSU 5 Stars for teaching, facilities, graduate employability, social responsibility, and inclusiveness

Higher education remains the strongest lever for personal growth and the most effective route to economic and social success. With the dawn of a new era adopting knowledge as its currency, higher education has become a requisite choice for onward and upward mobility. Choosing where to study becomes a challenge with the vast opportunities rising as the world turns a global village. A globally accepted system rating universities worldwide is the QS Stars. Evaluating Management & Science University (MSU) across its strengths, QS discovers a socially responsible, environmentally conscious university seeking to transform human capital development and secure a better future for all. The QS 2016 data compilation finds MSU deserving of 5 Stars in teaching, facilities, graduate employability, social responsibility, and inclusiveness.

Students’ overall satisfaction with the University and with its teaching, measured by the number of students staying on to finish their studies and the number moving on to higher studies contribute to its 5 Stars for teaching.

Supporting the MSU curriculum of compelling learning experiences is the hands-on learning environment of the MSU campus. Enhanced by a myriad of student clubs and associations, the 100% WIFI-connected and disability-friendly campus also houses eateries and commercial outlets that hone students’ entrepreneurial skills. Together with the University’s sporting, medical, and library facilities, these serve MSU its 5 Stars for facilities.

MSU graduates are a favorite among employers as 98.6% secure employment within 6 months of graduating. The record figures, nestled in the national top spot as traced by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, earns the University its 5 Stars for graduate employability.

The University’s community investment and development, charity work and disaster relief, regional human capital development, and environmental conservation efforts brought in its 5 Stars for social responsibility. In a show of enthusiastic support, MSU launched its own Environmental Sustainability Campaign (MESC) 2016 ahead of the National Environmental Day. The green consciousness action plans of MESC 2016 include the planting of artificial coral reefs, aiding of community water filtration and conservation, recycling of waste into handicrafts, and beautification of community back alleys with flora and fauna artwork.

With care for community wellness basing the University’s community engagement, the MSU Foundation is set up as an extension to the University’s culture of endowment. Provisions by the MSU Foundation ensure scholarships for community’s most deserving and sponsorships of its neediest. MSU Foundation also oversees management of Darul Sakinah, the MSU Home for Orphans.

Embedded in the MSU ecosystem is the multicultural diversity of the University. A strong message of inclusivity ensures access to an MSU education is open to all who seeks to benefit from it including the disabled and the underprivileged. The University’s connected entry pathways ensure no dream gets left behind. MSU even reaches out to rural communities to inform their young about higher education opportunities, giving weight to its 5 Stars for inclusiveness.

Management & Science University (MSU), home to passionate students, faculty, and staff, proudly welcomes its five QS Stars into 2017.