Borderless Learning

Young minds out in the world on the Global Mobility Program (GMP) of Management and Science University (MSU)

Developing employable graduates in the 21st-century necessitates delivering their education through creative methods that invoke flexible learning and open borders. To this end, Management and Science University (MSU) has built a network of over forty partner universities worldwide, and leads the internationalization of ASEAN higher education with student mobility on top priority. Its homegrown Global Mobility Program (GMP) facilitates student exchanges that entail one semester of studying abroad in a host university. Host countries, among others, include Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Currently outbound on the GMP is a trio from the Faculty of Business Management and Professional Studies (FBMP). Describing his GMP at Ireland’s Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT), Amir Asyraf Zainuddin tweeted the experience as a “global exposure with lots of new international friends”. The student of Bachelor in International Business (Hons) is joined by course-mates Harsimran Kaur Jasvinder Kaur and Khayathri Vadivello. In between classes and taking in the sights of Ireland and Europe and learning foreign cultures, the three found time to give something back. One dinner invite to French crepes was successfully reciprocated with some home-made roti canai served with a side of fun: coaching their new international friends how to eat with their fingers.

With the President of AIT, Professor Ciaran O' Cathain

Communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking skills developed in a global context support understanding of world issues. The Global Mobility Program (GMP) adds international flavour and value to the myriad of compelling learning experiences already at the heart of MSU. The holistic route taken in experiential learning draws out individual qualities and intrinsic abilities, polishing them into sparkling skills that result in a hiring rate of 98.6% within six months of graduation, and place students of Management and Science University (MSU) at number one for graduate employability among the nation’s varsities.