Silver Sparkler For Management And Science University (MSU) At IIDEX

International Exhibition And Competition Awards Silver To University Faculty For Invention With Potential To Transform Oral Health For The Masses

Correct brushing technique counts towards successful oral health, but technique can be compromised by ignorance as much as by reduced dexterity. Automation may solve the latter relatively easily but not the former. Management and Science University (MSU) academic member Dr Musab A.M. Ali comes up with a solution to both.

Combining motorized and correct technique, a double-sided electric toothbrush invention by the senior lecturer at the Faculty of Information Sciences and Engineering (FISE) rounded up a Silver for Management and Science University (MSU) at IIDEX 2017.

The invention not only helps people struggling with manual dexterity, or people with compromised self-care, but also bridges the knowledge gap.

Invention, Innovation and Design Exposition IIDEX is an annual international exhibition and competition aligned with the national higher education’s strategic plan to enhance research and innovation.

The IIDEX 2017 theme “Innovate to Inspire” rings a chord with the Management and Science University (MSU) take that innovating with humans at the centre, designing in the world and not above it, will spark enriching transformations.

And community wellness being a cause close to heart at Management and Science University (MSU) is one reason the indigenous, the orphaned, and the urban poor, be them near or far, find themselves among the care groups of the University.

With the double-sided electric toothbrush assembled into a package inexpensive to manufacture, the award-winning invention is set to put sparkling oral health within the wider reaches of society.

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