Drilling their way onto the 33rd Malaysia Record for MSU

Undergraduates traded textbooks for some real teaching, made the next national record for Management and Science University (MSU)

To commemorate World Children’s Day last November, nearly six hundred students of Management and Science University (MSU) traded their classroom textbooks for some reality teaching, and nailed a new national record for the University.

Deployed across seventy-five kindergartens throughout the state of Selangor, guidance skills were their order of the day as early childhood pedagogical theory was put into practice, engaging over two thousand five hundred kindergarteners in a fire drill.

It made for The Largest Simultaneous Participation of Children In A Fire Drill Event, which found its way into the Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) and earned Management and Science University (MSU) the University’s Malaysia Record Number 33.

The event was part of the MSU Children’s Festival 2017, which also included a forum on Digital Gadgets and Young Children, a competition for aspiring Junior MasterChefs, a children’s fashion show, and various exhibitions by the kindergartens.

Early Childhood Education is offered at Management and Science University(MSU) as bachelor and diploma programmes run by its School of Education and Social Sciences (SESS).

The children’s participation in the event was organized by SESS in a collaboration with the Selangor Kindergarten Association (Persatuan Taska Selangor) and Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM).

SESS also offers Bachelor in Education (Hons) programmes for aspiring teachers of Visual Arts, Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Physical Education and Health; as well as Foundation, Diploma in Education, and Bachelor of Education (Hons) programmes for TESL.

Visit the Management and Science University (MSU) School of Education and Social Sciences (SESS) for a complete list of the programmes offered.