Rising to the Call of Action for Halal

Management and Science University (MSU) answers rising global calls for halal-guaranteed products and services with more collaborations and next-frontier research

World halal economy, valued at 3.2t USD in 2012, is expected to double in 2018. Embracing the increasing global movement towards a halal-based economy, Management and Science University (MSU) takes a lead into halal research, consultancy, training, and products, undertaking the development and promotion of all matters pertaining to halal through its International Centre for Halal Studies (ICHLAS).

The lack of a common global standard gives rise to confusion as to what constitutes halal. Halal is Arabic for permissible, and halal compliance entails adherence to the Syariah or Islamic law. From the Middle Eastern countries right up to Malaysia and Indonesia, many issues in halal need regulation and standardization in their address. Management and Science University (MSU) President urges a look into developing a global halal standard.

Leveraging the power of collaborations in widening impact beyond immediate spheres of operation, Management and Science University (MSU) welcomes Universitas Indonesia (UI) into its list of partner universities. The MoU was signed by Professor Tan Sri Dato’ Wira Dr Mohd Shukri Ab Yajid at the on-campus launch of the UI Halal Centre in Indonesia. The MSU-UI collaboration will serve the education, teaching, research, and community engagement interests of both universities. Dr Hamid Chalid, S.H., LL.M, the Vice Rector of Human Resources, Development and Cooperation, signed for UI.

Other partner universities for research into halal include Japan’s Josai University and Thailand’s Burapha University. ICHLAS also collaborates with the Ministry of Health Indonesia, as well as local authorities the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) and the Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC).

The elements of halal are not confined to food only but may also encompass services in travel and tourism, for example, as well as consumer products such as fashion, cosmetics, and medicine. A current theme of exploring innovations in halal is carrying Management and Science University (MSU) to the next frontier in its research into halal, which is one of its fifteen major areas marked for R&D in the next ten years.

Management and Science University (MSU) aims to be not only a trusted reference centre especially for halal pharmaceuticals and halal cosmeceuticals but also a global provider of consultation and training on halal. Aiming to contribute to realizing the government’s aspiration for Malaysia to be on the international halal map as a global halal hub, Management and Science University (MSU) seeks to provide qualified human capital capable of catering to the industry’s needs and to develop future industry leaders in halal.

Training offered by ICHLAS currently include Professional Halal Auditor; Islamic Finance; Halal Logistics; Halal Auditor and Internal Audit; Halal Assurance; Food, HACCP and GMP; and Halal Fundamental. Visit ICHLAS or email [email protected].