Affin Education Financing-i for MSUrians

Student financial aid gets a boost with new loan programme to help intending students enter into diploma, degree, or postgraduate studies at Management and Science University (MSU)

Management and Science University (MSU) has once again delivered on its mission to provide access to education for all.

Reinforcing on a new strategic partnering with Affin Islamic Bank Berhad, Management and Science University (MSU) is now in a position to offer the Affin Education Financing-i option to intending MSU students. The Ijarah-based financing provides up to 150,000 Malaysian Ringgit in private loans as well as up to 15 years to the financing term.

Management and Science University (MSU) through its MSU Foundation currently provides up to 8 million Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) in scholarships, funding, zakat, and various other forms of financial aid. Benefactors include not only MSUrians, both the University’s and its affiliate MSU Colleges’, but also high school students, matriculation colleges, and vocational colleges nationwide, as well as orphanages and charity homes. MSU’s international aid work reach communities as far as Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Syria, and Palestine. In providing access to education for all, Management and Science University (MSU) recently added the Republic of Maldives to its collaboration portfolio.

Present at the Affin Education Financing-i launch on campus in Shah Alam were MSU President, Professor Tan Sri Dato’ Wira Dr Mohd Shukri Ab. Yajid, and MSU senior management. Affin was represented by Affin Islamic Bank Chairman, Mr Mohd Suffian Haron; Affin Bank Berhad Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer, Mr Kamarul Ariffin Mohd Jamil; and Affin Islamic Bank Chief Executive Officer, Mr Nazlee Khalifah.

At the launch of Affin Education Financing-i, MSU Foundation received a zakat contribution to the tune of MYR100,000 from the Affin Group, who also contributed MYR50,000 to the University’s Sekolah Bina Insan and MYR40,000 to Management and Science University (MSU).

The Affin Education Financing-i option provides for students 18 to 45 years old as eligible to apply, across all undergraduate (diploma and degree) and postgraduate studies at Management and Science University (MSU).