Building Your Employability at Management and Science University (MSU)

Employers want work-ready graduates complete with professional knowledge, skills, and attributes. At Management and Science University (MSU), students develop these through a holistic framework of learning by experience, global exposure, and real work.

The primary focus of higher education is to equip the student for future careers, and employability is the ultimate measure of success. At Management and Science University (MSU), this focus is not just academic. To prepare students well for the exceedingly competitive job market, Management and Science University (MSU) supports their pursuit of an academic qualification with various initiatives designed to help them acquire employable skills along the way.

Academic excellence of international repute may be the mainstay of the Management and Science University (MSU) existence, yet another focus on maintaining relevance parallels that on quality. Backed by a vision of transforming lives and enriching future, Management and Science University (MSU) seeks to develop and deliver excellent human capital possessing the balanced, well-rounded competencies and proficiencies relevant to modern needs.

Employers want work-ready graduates who come complete with professional knowledge, competitive skills, and balanced, well-rounded attributes. Management and Science University (MSU) empowers its students to develop these within its framework of experiential learning, global exposure, and real work experience. Numerous opportunities for personal as well as professional development are presented, and extensive support embedded into the University’s comprehensive ecosystem. Collaborations with industry unlock even more opportunities, which are taken further by enhancing with the advantages of borderless learning through global mobility.

A clear evidence of employability of Management and Science University (MSU) graduates is the latest study by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, which traced close to an impressive 96 percent of MSU graduate employability within six months of their convocation. This achievement has for years been placing Management and Science University (MSU) firmly in the leading spot of Employers’ Top Choice for Graduate Employability among the nation’s varsities. Management and Science University (MSU) also rates 5 QS Stars for Employability on the QS Stars World Universities Rating System.

Career ambitions could also be entrepreneurial, which is why Management and Science University (MSU) is again the place to call your higher education home. As the country’s Most Entrepreneurial Private University 2016, as well as Asia Pacific’s Best Brand in Education for Leadership and Human Capital Development, Management and Science University (MSU) has, and offers, everything you need including encouragement, to help you build your employability as you go from class to jobs.