Supporting Youths, Not Crime

Management and Science University (MSU) raises awareness of youth delinquency to create safer environments, aids governmental efforts to combat crime.

Management and Science University (MSU) supports youths, not crime.

Young people have important responsibilities towards society and country. They bring a force of development and hope to a country’s future; tomorrow’s leaders whose decisions and actions are crucial to that future. In a world transforming expeditiously, however, youths tend to lose themselves, moving away from their aims in life, wasting their life or spending it in crime.

Early intervention is essential to aid prevention. Management and Science University (MSU) collaborates with the Forensic Science Society of Malaysia (FSSM) to complement governmental efforts at reducing youth crime, raising awareness of youth delinquency and preventive strategies.

The two-day event ‘Supporting Youth Not Crime’ (SYNC) kicked off with Combat for Fitness, an aerobic session integrating martial arts with fun elements promoting an active lifestyle. Celebrity Fitness, Jai Dee Muay Thai, and Anytime Fitness were among the event partners. A poster competition themed ‘Drug Awareness and Crime Prevention’ and joint booth exhibitions by FSSM and Persatuan Mencegah Dadah Malaysia (PEMADAM) Selangor were also held.

A forum on “Youth Crime: Pure Exploration or the Beginning of a Criminal Career?” examined the topic from aspects of psychology and criminology, law and policy making, victimology, and prevention. MSU Criminologist and Forensic Science lecturer Mrs Nadiah Syariani Md Shariff moderated, with panellists comprising FSSM President DCP(R) Dato’ Dr Yew Chong Hooi; Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF) member and criminologist, Dr Muhammad Rahim Kamaludin; National Crime Prevention Network Association (NCPNA) President, Mr Alex Chandran; and also anti-bullying advocate and Miss Selangor Earth 2016, MSU alumna Ms Joanna Joseph.

Discussed were the effects of technology advancement on youths, with exposure to negative contents exemplified among the factors to anti-social behaviours. Parallel vulnerability to victimization as well as crime propagation may in fact be owed to weakened familial relations brought on by excessive use of digital devices.

Criminogenic inclinations may be inherent yet early involvement may also call on youthful curiosity as its accomplice. Cyber bullying was discussed on the aspects of its swift delivery and wide reach affecting victims more severely and prolonging the trauma.

Recalling her teenage years being a bully victim, Miss Selangor Earth 2016 and MSU alumna Joanna Joseph urged the public to stop cyber-sharing bullying actions or words and to prevent passive bystander effect from escalating bullying episodes.

The use of technology in preventing crime was another highlight, as was the importance of knowing the laws applying to online users. Simple yet practical steps of tackling physical assaults were shown in a self-defence demonstration.

SYNC was co-organized by the Management and Science University (MSU) Faculty of Health and Life Sciences (FHLS).

Bachelor in Forensic Science (BFS) is offered by the Department of Diagnostic and Allied Health Science.