MSU is a Gold Award School of Tourism and Hospitality!

Certificate of Excellence presented by Malaysia Tourism Council to Management and Science University (MSU)

In 2016, Malaysia registered close to 27 million tourist arrivals and claimed a spot among major world tourist destinations. This year, she has risen to 10th place among the most-preferred long-haul holiday destinations of UK travelers. The only Asian country represented in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2014, Malaysia had also been crowned Lonely Planet’s Best Family Destination, world’s top Muslim-Friendly Destination, and Asia’s Best Golf Destination.

Against this backdrop of national credentials, Management and Science University (MSU) has been presented with the Malaysia Tourism Council (MTC) Gold Award School of Tourism and Hospitality. The prestigious award in the local industry circuit not only acknowledges the University’s indirect contribution to national economic growth in the tourism sector but also leverages faculty strength towards more significant future collaborations with major industry players.

With the Visit Malaysia Year 2020 looming, along with its target of 36 million tourists from all over the world, the award is a timely boost to faculty potential in increasing graduate employability for the tourism hiring market.

Hospitality and tourism management is offered at Management and Science University (MSU) as bachelor and diploma programmes by the School of Hospitality and Creative Arts (SHCA).