Certificate & Academic Transcript

  1. The certificate and academic transcript (BM & BI versions) may be collected from the Examination & Awards Department (MSU Shah Alam Campus) beginning 22nd May 2023 .

  2. Graduands are advised not to loose the certificate and transcript since the original copy shall not be reproduced by the university. Should any of the documents went lost, certified copies may be obtained from the Examination & Awards Department at a fee of RM20.00 per copy.

  3. Upon receiving, Graduands are advised to check both documents to ensure that all informations are accurate. Any error must be reported within 2 weeks (from the collection date), to the Examination Dept. and correction will be done accordingly. Error reported after the 2 weeks shall not be entertained.

  4. To collect the certificate and academic transcript, Graduands must fulfill the following criterias:
    • has returned the robe to the robemaker (Graduands must bring a copy of the robe rental form as proof that the robe has been returned, otherwise the certificate / transcript shall not be released).
    • do not have any outstanding fee and/or penalty
    • do not have in posession any unreturned library book or any other university property.

  5. If Graduands are unable to collect the certificate / transcript on his/her own, a representative may be appointed by providing an Authorisation Letter allowing him/her to do the collection on behalf of Graduand. The letter must be addressed to 'The Registrar Office' by stating the name and NRIC of the appointed representative.