1. Please ensure that you read and understand the content of Itinerary, Guidelines & Protocol of the ceremony, available at the MSU official Convocation webpage.
  2. Strict adherence and compliance to all procedures is mandatory to ensure the ceremony is smooth while observing the required safety procedures.
  3. In observing social distancing, ONLY TWO (2) PARENTS / GUESTS are invited and allowed into the campus. NO additional guests will be permitted.
The Registrar Office :
a. Pn. Siti Nur Mastura – 03-5521 6899
b. Cik Nur Ain – 03-5521 6900

The Accounts Dept. :
a. Pn Nordia - 03-55216492 (Private)
b. Pn Siti Ilyani - 03-5521 6891 (Private)
c. Cik Adura - 03-5521 6892 (PTPTN)
d. Pn Farra – 03-5521 6892 (MARA)
e. Pn Razmira – 03-5521 6739 (Postgraduate)
Graduation Online Payment
MSU 30th Convocation Attire
MSU Convocation Flow of Event