1. Robes may only be collected AFTER rehearsal, and the Tracer Study survey has been completed.
      (A copy of the Tracer Study Coupon must be produced as a proof that the Tracer Study survey has been completed. Without this coupon you will not allowed to collect the robe.)
    2. Robes may be collected at Level 1, next to the MSU Kids.
    3. Completed Robe Rental Form must be produced when collecting the robes.
    4. Each robe comes with a mortar board and a hood. The hood color is based according to faculty/cluster:

      Degree Color Name Swatch
      FHLS/Pharmacy Silver Grey  
      FBMP/SESS/SHCA Sapphire blue  
      FISE Golden yellow  
      IMS Red  
    5. Robes MUST NOT be altered or amended in whatsoever manner.

    Robe Returning
    1. Robes must be returned at Level 1 after the ceremony ends.

      Counter operation hours

      3rd October 2020 : until 7pm
      4th October 2020 : until 7pm

    2. Upon returning the robe, you are required to collect a copy of your Robe Rental Form.
      This Robe Rental form is required for the collection of Certificate and Academic transcript.
    3. If the "Robe Rental Form" is lost, a charge of RM5.00 shall be imposed.
    4. Robe returned later than the stipulated time must be returned at the following address:

        34 Jalan Sesama
        Sri Gombak Light Industrial Area
        68100 Selangor (Tel: 03-6185 7570/6188 3430)

        Pn. Zaidah - 012 9052567
        Pn. Nora - 012 3206151
        Pn. Habsah - 014 5244233

      The robemaker will impose the following charges for late return:
      • RM25 if returned the following day (first day)
      • Additional RM10 daily until the robe is returned
    5. Charges for missing / lost items:

        a. Robe : RM150.00
        b. Mortarboard : RM60.00
        c. Hood : RM50.00

    REMINDER : Copy of the Robe Rental Form must be produced for the collection of Certificates and Transcripts .