MSU iReX 2019

MSU iReX is an acronym for Management & Science Univeristy idea Regeneration eXpo. It is organized by Faculty of Information Science & Engineering (FISE) which also invites the companies, international organizations, private sector players, non-governmental organizations and public. It is a FISE flagship program held for the purpose of educating the public, sharing the innovations and promoting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, iReX offer an all-purpose event with its outstanding final year project exhibitions focusing on eco-inovation, business networking, alumni discussions and breakout sessions.

iReX is an experience that combines the education and entertaining and reveals a wide array of exhibitions, activities and performances. iReX offers interactive exhibitions, creative ideas and dense informative program providing unforgettable experience for both exhibitors and visitors. iReX also serves as a tool for branding and development of the university. For participants, iReX enables idea creativity and innovation opportunities. This year iReX theme will focuses on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and strives to be a part of this universal call to action. The event’s objectives included raising awareness to the SDGs, creating a network of youths passionate about making change, and promoting creativity in finding solutions towards current local issues.

These 2 days project exposition will showcase the talents from Graphic & Multimedia, Engineering & Technology and Information Science & Computing departments. “Idea Re-generation” means anyone regardless of areas have the opportunities to re-generate or recreate the old & traditional thinking into a new, creative and innovative idea or products. Apart from FISE Final Year Project Exhibition and demonstration, FISE will also have MOU signing and exchange ceremony with several companies.

This exhibition will involve a total of 285 students mainly from Final Year Student from department of Media Science and Graphic (MSG), Engineering and Technology (ENT) and Information Science and Computing (ISC) The breakdown of students number who will participate in this exhibition is 285 students (124 students doing final project II, 106 students doing project I and 55 students for diploma project). Refer attachment D for detail. The exhibition will be a great experience for the students as they will be able to demonstrate their creativity and skills in presenting their project. A part from that, it is also a great opportunity for them to present themselves to the viewers from the industry who will be coming in search of new talents for their company. Students undertaking Project 1 will be part of the iReX student committee team members which will help to build their skills of teamwork, leadership and communication.

This exhibition will expose the students to the world of creative and innovative ideas that can be re-generated. They will not only showcase their creativity and skills in the final work project but also portraying self-confidence and their worthiness that they are ready to take on the real world of working in the industry.
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