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12th International Medical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmeceutical and Health Sciences Symposium (12th iMPaCHS)

The main theme for this year is ''Enriching Future Through Translational Research". This is in-line with the university’s direction of ‘Transforming Lives, Enriching Future”. This program gives an early exposure towards scientific meetings for students in defence of their results in a formal academic environment with peers of similar fields of study from the medical and health science cluster, MSU, as well as to be collaboratively allowing healthy interactions with our partner universities around the world. Hence, the new feature for this symposium, is the introduction of e-poster presentations from our partner universities around the world. The participants are all the undergraduate and postgraduate students from the cluster who have completed their research work as well as research students whom have conducted their research in our partner universities.

12th iMPaCHS consists of oral presentation, poster presentation and e-poster presentation. One best research presenter will be awarded the best research award – Junainah Abdul Hamid Best Research Award.

The event is organized by School of Pharmacy, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences and International Medical School, Management & Science University.

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